Organizer-National Chair

Evelyn Mejil

Evelyn Mejil is a global humanitarian, international speaker and founder of Project HOPE 360. Evelyn has dedicated over twenty years of service, journeying to over 40 countries, working with countless victims and advancing social causes by creating systemic and legislative changes.

Ms. Mejil is a private strategist consultant who spends most of her time overseas donating her time to her foundation, most recently ending a two-year global humanitarian tour. Project H.O.P.E. 360, is a global humanitarian outreach for peace and empowerment. Its mission is to alleviate human suffering in the global community due to abuse, violence and social injustice and natural disaster or man-made disasters through service, aid and advocacy.  

Ms. Mejil's passion and love for her homeland was the driving force that led her to author Unity March for Puerto Rico through Project Puerto Rico, a Project HOPE 360 initiative, in hopes to unify and empower the voices of the people and stand in solidarity for the people of Puerto Rico.   

Full bio available at www.evelynmejil.com