Message from National Chair/Organizer

Evelyn Mejil


Dear brothers and sisters,

On September 20th, 2017 Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico entering on the southeast coast and exiting through the northwest coast. The hurricane enveloped the entire island, causing major destruction on the island. All municipalities were declared disaster zones as they experienced loss of power, record levels of flooding, severe crop and natural life damage, complete deprivation of communication, as well as, extensive devastation to homes across the island. A month later, over 80% of the island is still without stable power, potable water is scarce, supply distribution is a challenge, and families are evacuating Puerto Rico to escape the unlivable situations they’re facing.

The mission of Unity March for Puerto Rico is to stand in solidarity - one people - one voice - against unjust laws that have been systematically oppressive and crippling to the people of Puerto Rico and the socio-economic growth and sustainability of the island. We are asking that our leaders act now and make the necessary legislative changes to the Jones Act to uplift the people of Puerto Rico and hearten, support and sustain the economic growth of the island.

In relation to the socio-economic impact the Jones Act, our agenda includes items like: the cancellation of the debt and the rebuilding efforts of the island of Puerto Rico. Our goal is to establish a council under Project Puerto Rico that will serve and lead in efforts of legislative reform and serve as the liaisons between the people of Puerto Rico and the administration and its leadership to ensure viable but just legislative changes that will serve the people of Puerto Rico.

Unity March for Puerto Rico is a march for the people, by the people where we seek to unify the efforts of individuals, organizations, and resources to stand together with Puerto Rico. On Sunday, November 19th we will raise our voices in unity for Puerto Rico on the steps of Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. to say PRESENTE against unjust laws. We will congregate in front of the Capitol Building for the opening ceremony and special remarks to then march towards the Lincoln Memorial. There we will make a call to action to the leaders of the nation.

This date -November 19th- is a national holiday in Puerto Rico, commemorating the day Christopher Columbus reached the ports of Puerto Rico. The day the home of the Taino became coveted by the world. However, this day will become the day we stand together as ONE people with ONE voice for Puerto Rico. Now more than ever, the people of Puerto Rico must come together, as the brothers and sisters that we are, to show the world we are stronger than our challenges. We must mobilize, we must unite, and we must raise our voices. At 8 million strong, we will be heard!

Above all things, we ALL want a better Puerto Rico, so who else should come together to decide the fate of our island than those who love it the most. We MUST unite! For one day, let us put aside any differences and stand as one. It starts with us, united for Puerto Rico. On Sunday November 19th, may we all march in unity for Puerto Rico.

In Unity, 

Evelyn Mejil
National Chair/ Organizer