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Brittany Ortiz

Brittany M. Ortiz is a lively, passionate 28 year old woman with a love for her island of Puerto Rico. Brittany is a graduate of a charter high school in New York City known as the Institute for Collaborative Education, where she worked alongside Habitat for Humanity to rebuild after the devastation of hurricane Katrina. It was then that she learned her passion for humanitarianism, and her deep love for helping others. 

Brittany went on to attend Saint Peter’s College, where she graduated with a bachelors degree in sociology, along with a minor in Latin American and Latino studies. For the past 3 years Brittany has worked as a Court Clerk for Bayonne Municipal Court. 

It is Brittany’s passion and connection with her Puerto Rican roots, her people and ultimately her island that has lead her to join the Unity March for Puerto Rico, in hopes that we as a people can truly band together and embody ONE people, ONE voice.

You may contact Ms. Ortiz directly at