Head of National Outreach

Jason Ortiz

Jason Ortiz is the current President of the Connecticut Puerto Rican Agenda (CT-PRA) which is the CT chapter of the National Puerto Rican Agenda. Born in New London to Puerto Rican parents from Añasco and Caguas, Jason graduate from the University of Connecticut with a bachelors in public and community engagement. Having participated in the movement to reform our criminal justice system for many years, he is now focusing his efforts in uplifting the Puerto Rican community specifically. He has served on numerous non-profit boards, including being a founding member and Policy Committee Chair for the Minority Cannabis Business Association, where he drafts model legislation to ensure participation of the Puerto Rican comunity in the burgeoning cannabis industry. Jason brings over 10 years of state, local, and national organizing experience with a concentration in campaign planning.

You may reach Mr. Ortiz directly at: JasonUMPR@gmail.com