National Manager of Operations

Ana Valentin-Jackson

Ana’s professional background spans over 20 years, having worked with both small and medium-size nonprofit organizations in different capacities including communications, marketing, fundraising and special events.

Ana is the Chair of the Connecticut Institute for Community Development Puerto Rican Day Parade in Hartford, CT, a member of the Connecticut Puerto Rican Agenda and a member of the Statewide Coalition of Puerto Rican Parade and Festival Organizations. She is also the current Board Chair and Founder of Cultura Mosaica, a nonprofit organization aiming at promoting Latino culture and heritage in the community.

Her passion for her Puerto Rican culture stems from recognizing the true value of the contributions in several areas that often get unnoticed and undervalued.

She serves the City of Hartford as a Commissioner for the Commission on Cultural Affairs. Ana earned her BS in Communications from Eastern Connecticut State University.

You may contact Ms. Valentin-Jackson directly at: