Q: When, where and what time is the Unity March for Puerto Rico?
A: Sunday, November 19, 2017 in Washington, DC. The Unity March will begin at our first gathering point in front of the Capitol Building. Morning program is set to begin at 10:00 am until 11:30am.  At which time we begin to gather and rally to march. We march down Independence Avenue beginning at noon and end the march at our second gathering point- the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Afternoon program is set to begin at 1:00 pm and gathering will disperse at 2:45 pm. More information is available on the Join the March page  

Please be advised that we will provide an update with map of route

Q: How can I get to the March?
A:  Currently, we have identified State Leaders that are coordinating transportation and/or providing transportation and meeting points for attendees. Please email our National State Chapter Director for information on your state leader SabrinaUMPR@gmail.com

 Q: Who is attending the Unity March?
A: The Unity March for Puerto Rico is spearheaded by Project Hope 360, working in collaboration with various groups and individuals at the local and national level. Everyone who supports the mission of the Unity March to change laws that are detrimental to Puerto Rico should join us.

Q: Does the Unity March for Puerto Rico have a position on Puerto Rico’s status?
A: No. The Unity March for Puerto Rico is focused on getting our leaders to make legislative changes to the Jones Act to ensure the economic growth and recovery of the island. No matter the varying beliefs regarding status this march will bring together everyone who wants to see a strong and successful Puerto Rico.

Q: What is your policy on non-violence?
A: The Unity March for Puerto Rico will be peaceful. Our goal is to promote legislative change and we strongly encourage all of our participants to come together on November 19 in an atmosphere of respect and collaboration to bring about change for the benefit of Puerto Rico.

Q: Should I register for the Unity March?
A: Yes, we are asking that you sign up so that we can get as accurate an estimate of people marching as possible to accommodate everyone. However, you will not need to bring proof of registration to the Unity March. 

Q: Can I purchase Unity March for Puerto Rico merchandise?
A: Yes! You can purchase merchandise at here however if you wish to have it in time for the March you should purchase it soon, sales end 2 weeks before the march.

Q: How do I volunteer?
If you are interested in volunteering at the march, please register here for the march and email MarilynUMPR@gmail.com

Q: When will volunteers be notified that they are in fact, volunteering? 
We will be notifying volunteers the first week of November, please look at our web page and Facebook page for up to date information.

Q: Can I connect with a group of prospective marchers in my state? 
Yes, you can connect with people in your state several ways:

  • Posting in the discussion section of the Facebook event page to reach other people and grow your idea.
  • aunch a Facebook event/group and select a meetup spot at the march.
  • Contact your State Leaders that has been identified. If your state is not represented, please contact SabrinaUMPR@gmail.com to determine how to become a state leader.

 Q: Do you have suggestions on how to get to DC? 
Yes! Beyond connecting with state leaders, we have partnered with Skedaddle on transportation to the Unity March for Puerto Rico. You can start a route from your city or Join an existing route

Please visit us again, we will have frequent updates, as we will continue to work diligently to answer all of your questions. Thank you for your support.